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Speed up Browsing in Firefox with Keyword Bookmarks

by Andre · 2 Comments

Keyword bookmarks are old news to Firefox power users, but never fail to be a revelation to the rest of the browsing population. Calling up websites with keywords, especially when they’re kept short, is much faster than use the mousing to bookmarks on the Bookmarks Toolbar or the Bookmarks menu. Using keyword bookmarks exclusively also gives you the option of eliminating the Bookmarks Toolbar from view (by right-clicking an empty space in the toolbar and unchecking Bookmarks Toolbar), adding a little more real estate for web pages.

Once you have a desired site bookmarked with a keyword, all you have to do to access it is type that keyword into the address bar. The shorter the keyword, the better.

PropertiesGo to an existing bookmark for which you would like to assign a keyword, and right-click it. Select Properties, and in the Keyword field, put the keyword you would like to use, then select OK. It’s a good idea to stick with 2-3 character mnemonics, as they’re almost as fast as shortcut keys. I use “4h” for Tim Ferriss’ Four-Hour Workweek blog, “43″ for 43 Folders, “sd” for The Simple Dollar, and so on. To access my Tools for Thought admin page, I use “tt”; for the end-user site, I use “tf”.

Using the Ctrl-L shortcut key, highlight the address bar, type in your newly assigned keyword, hit Enter/Return, and voila — the bookmarked site comes up without using the mouse. If Gmail is assigned to “gm”, the sequence would be: Ctrl-L | gm | Enter. Much faster than reaching for the mouse.

Assign keywords to all of your frequently visited bookmarks in one sitting, and make it a rule not to access those bookmarks with the mouse. Challenge yourself to use keywords from memory. Before long, using keywords will become second nature, and using the mouse will seem painfully slow.

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