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Thought Provoking: Links of Note, Tweets for Thought, Trees for Hugs

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I’ve added a new section for updates from microborg Twitter in the sidebar. Yes, resistance is futile. If you’re interested, click on its heading to follow me, or just click here.

And now for a few favorite dispatches from elsewhere in the blogosphere this week.

Simple Manifesto: Break Free from the Tyranny of the Clock. A different perspective from mine on our society’s organization around “clockhood.” Bergson used to call this post-clockhood experience “duration.” As I’ve written earlier, I think timers used strategically can release our attention from the passage of time to focus on the priority of our choosing. But Leo is great at getting us to question our assumptions. (Zen Habits)

Easy Ways to Go Green with Your Computer. An Earth Day installment for reducing your PCs energy footprint. There are great tips here for formatting pages before printing to minimize ink and paper waste. I especially love the suggestion for setting ĀµTorrent to auto-shutdown the computer when downloads are complete. (Lifehacker)

Fireside Chat: Google and Tim Ferriss: In this video, Tim spends nearly a quarter of his infamous workweek shooting the breeze with the elves at Google UK. He stresses the intelligent use of data — relevant data — in making decisions, the difference between busyness and productivity, and the need to plan leisure activities in advance to avoid choosing work over boredom. (Tim Ferriss)

Email Insanity & the 0.001 Challenge. Another disquisition from the Over-300-Email-a-Day set. How would you write your email differently (or would you?) if you were one of a thousand correspondents in your recipient’s inbox? I’d probably add a footer linking to Merlin’s terrific Inbox Zero series. (43 Folders)

Could You Go Without Your Computer for a Day? I’m looking forward to May 3, when participants in Shutdown Day unplug for 24 hours. PDAs and cell phones are frowned upon, but note strictly prohibited. (Web Worker Daily)

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