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Thought Provoking: Alternative Ways of Looking at Cranking Widgets

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It always warms my heart to see people questioning dominant ideas. Since I’ve been dubbed a “productivity blogger” by Lifehacker, it seems only fitting that I should question my own perceived stock in trade. So here are some ruminations along those lines.

The Alternative Productivity Manifesto. Challenges the sacred cow of productivity as self-development and as the royal road to fulfillment. In a world where increases in worker output in the last half century have not translated to increases in pay or decreases in the workweek, it may be time to pause and reexamine the more-is-better ethos. (The Growing Life)

Why You Should Kick the “Versus” Habit. Life is simpler when values and options are reduced to choices between mutual exclusives, but we all know that reality is more intricate than that. A primer on how to slow down, think more, and question assumed certainties. (

Productivity v. Ingenuity. An arguably fruitful application of the “versus” habit and a further critique of productivity — there seems to be a trend emerging here: a movement to put the value of productivity in context. I wonder if productivity has reduced the scope of our current thinking, or if our current thinking has reduced the scope of productivity. (Dumb Little Man)

8 ninja uses for binder clips. Surely there’s only one true ninja use for the binder clip: the Hipster PDA. Apparently there are other ways to repurpose this lowly office supply, like the Hanging Note System. (Cranking Widgets)

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