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Podcast: Interview with Julie Morgenstern – Part 1

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After I reviewed Julie Morgenstern’s instant decluttering classic, When Organizing Isn’t Enough, the publisher was kind enough to arrange an interview for me with the guru of personal organizing.

Julie’s best known work, Organizing from the Inside Out, focused on finding better homes for the stuff in our lives, making it more accessible. When Organizing Isn’t Enough is designed to address an entirely different problem — excess — using a four-step process called SHED:

  • Separate the treasures. Find the possessions, time commitments and behaviors that support the transition to a new life theme
  • Heave the trash. Eliminate the non-treasures that anchor us in in the past
  • Embrace your identity. Determine who you are without your stuff
  • Drive yourself forward. Fill the void with new activities and interests that fulfill your new theme

As I mentioned in the review, the book defines and deals with clutter in a fairly unconventional way, discussing schedule clutter, habit clutter, and of course, physical clutter.

Interview timeline

  • SHED defined
  • Physical, schedule and habit clutter
  • The difference between decluttering and organizing
  • Beyond minimalism and aesthetic correctness
  • The importance of naming your theme

This is Part 1 of a two-part interview. Unfortunately, the distortion on my end of the conversation when I played it back forced me to edit out all of my live questions, and substitute them for voice-overs; so my apologies for the NPR-ish inteview format. Now I know how not to record a podcast. Fortunately, the answers I got from Julie more than make up for my folly.

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