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Podcast: Interview with Julie Morgenstern – Part 2

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Julie Morgenstern

Check out the follow-up to Part 1 of my recent interview with Julie Morgenstern, best know as the personal organizing and time management expert to wrote Organizing from the Inside Out and Time Management from the Inside Out. With her new book, which I reviewed last month, When Organizing Isn’t Enough, Julie moves beyond simply putting things into proper order, and concentrates on eliminating:

Physical clutter. Any objects that are no longer relevant to your life as it’s currently lived, or to the new life you would like to create for yourself

Schedule clutter. Commitments that are past their timing, or are simply non-priorities that fill up your day

Habit clutter. Behaviors like chronic television viewing or internet surfing that relieve tension but create time famine

When Organizing Isn't EnoughJulie’s SHED methodology (Separate the treasures, Heave the trash, Embrace your identity, Drive yourself forward) may create more aesthetic environments, but the ultimate goal is to unanchor the physical and emotional artifacts that prevent people from pursuing new themes, goals and interests. It’s often easy for people to attach their identity to something outside of themselves. SHED makes to possible for people to see what their stuff represents to them, then focus on the essence being represented instead of the representation itself.

Interview timeline

  • The personal origin of SHED
  • How some things that seem like clutter are actually the “treasures” that provide insight into one’s identity
  • The importance of eliminating backlog and maintaining a zero backlog
  • SHED in organizations
  • Advice for packrats

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