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About Tools for Thought

Tools for Thought is a blog devoted to examining new directions and currents in self-development. Rather than emphasize motivation and inspiration, Tools for Thought takes a more operational approach, focusing on techniques and tactics designed for immediate action. Some discussion centers around familiar reference points, like Getting Things Done (GTD), the 80/20 principle and mind mapping, but any tool for thought is up for grabs, as we’ll see.

My name is Andre Kibbe. In late 2007 I got fed up with whining about doing other people’s work, and quit my job to work as a freelance technology writer. That was more fulfilling than working on command, but I realized my interest in technology was the way it saves and creates time for us, and I was ultimately more interested in methods to create more time in our lives. After a couple of false starts, I launched Tools for Thought in February of 2008.

I like to break generalities down into specifics. Much of the personal development content I come across is too ethereal for my tastes. If I find a potentially valuable idea, I test it out to see what works and what doesn’t. I’m not just a link aggreggator, pointing readers to new downloads of software that I don’t personally use.

Tools for Thought is basically an ongoing conversation I’m having with myself. Feel free to eavesdrop and absorb what’s useful. Consider putting up with my more hare-brained ideas as the price of free content.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me an email.